Pants are a bitch

The thing about pants and me, I can hardly find decent pair. They are always too baggy on the crotch area or the legs. I can never go for pants which has side pockets. It seriously makes me look uber fugly!

And to make matters worse, the store that I used to rave at bugis about was closed on 2 seperate days that I went. I guess it’s on a mission to ask me to go for treasure hunt!

Like finding needle in the haystack, I went in about 5 odd stores, tried about 2 dozen pants (in which I resorted to black jeans instead). And then I finally found about 4pairs of pants at MANGO! PHEW~ after almost giving up, I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back Hisham a big thanks for pushing me to hunt further down.

For what it was worth, I tried to have fun. Tried to.



His New Bike

And so he told me last night that he’ll only get his bike earliest Thursday. Then today at 0641am he texted me saying that he’s on his way to meet me at the MRT. Right. Org tu tak boleh bedek lah! So I called him and there I hear the wind thru his phone. Member naik motor barulah tu! Ingatkan nak surprise orang but geng geng geng. I found out. Hehehe.


The new ride’s much bigger than his previous X1R. And definately we can ride all the way to Malaysia without stressing the bike. Still gotta get comfortable with the new bike! Let’s call her GTy. Hahaha! This is the 5th bike I ride with him. 5years, 5 bikes!

Our Beautiful Tasbeeh


Hisham & I do not want branded good or materialistic items for our dowry gifts. So we decided to get things which will benefit us in the long run. And in this, we were looking for tasbeeh. Alhamdulillah, after much research Allah met me with Prayer Beads Store. Aft many discussion & further research, we finally decided that to get Carnelian Agate gemstone for him and Torquoise gemstone for me.

We just can’t wait for it to reach us! Syukur. I’m so happy!

Honeymoon PLANNED!

Bora Bora? Sychelles? Maldives? Mauritius?

Nooooo! We are going tooooooo…. BALI!! Yes we’ve decided to go somewhere near and somewhere quiet. It’s a honeymoon so actually where we go doesn’t matter much because we just want to relax, unwind and have so many romantic moments together! Hahaha!

For 6 nights, we’re staying at BNG Villa! A 1 bedroom villa, with private pool and a bathtub (veryimportant)! Can’t wait!


And we’re gonna get there via Garuda! Since we’re going Indonesia, might as well we take their homegrown flight!


Can’t wait to go to Bali for our firstnight honeymoon! Alhamdulillah!

Washing X1R Baby!

I can’t recall the last time he washed his bike. Everysince he sold his RSix, he stopped washing his bike overall. Since he’s trading this X1R, he finally decides to give it a good last wash. Equipped with diesel, sponges, soap, polish we went to wash at a multipurpose near my place.


It was a good 3hrs wash. Remove the oil dirt and stains on the rim of the bike.


And after he wash. It looked as good as new. But as they say, sometimes we have to learn to let go to make room for better opportunities. Insya’Allah.


His Unplanned Purchase

We had so much planned for the day but it all changed the moment we left the carpark.

Hisham: Motor I byk nak kena tukar. Nak kena tukar tyres, chain, suspension, seat, box.. He listed too many for me to remember

Me: Wah byknye. Kalau you beli motor baru da tak fikir ni semua.

Hisham: Ah tulah. You rasa ok tak I beli baru?

Me: Motor apa?

Hisham: Motor GTS tu.

Me: I ok. Tapi yg penting you. You have to think financially and the maintenance too.

Hisham: I ok. U ok?

Me: I ok.

Hisham: Ok, kite gi Toh Guan kedai Heng.

Me: Now?!?

Hisham: Yup!

Actually he’s been thinking of changing a new bike for the past 6months, but never did because I told him it’s better to cut down on new loans given to our situation. And after 3yrs with 3 accidents, the bike surrendered. I guess there’s no way out but to trade for another.


So we rode to Heng and signed the deal. They say we’ll get the bike next Tuesday. Yay!