His New Bike

And so he told me last night that he’ll only get his bike earliest Thursday. Then today at 0641am he texted me saying that he’s on his way to meet me at the MRT. Right. Org tu tak boleh bedek lah! So I called him and there I hear the wind thru his phone. Member […]

Our Beautiful Tasbeeh

Hisham & I do not want branded good or materialistic items for our dowry gifts. So we decided to get things which will benefit us in the long run. And in this, we were looking for tasbeeh. Alhamdulillah, after much research Allah met me with Prayer Beads Store. Aft many discussion & further research, we […]

Honeymoon PLANNED!

Bora Bora? Sychelles? Maldives? Mauritius? Nooooo! We are going tooooooo…. BALI!! Yes we’ve decided to go somewhere near and somewhere quiet. It’s a honeymoon so actually where we go doesn’t matter much because we just want to relax, unwind and have so many romantic moments together! Hahaha! For 6 nights, we’re staying at BNG Villa! […]

Washing X1R Baby!

I can’t recall the last time he washed his bike. Everysince he sold his RSix, he stopped washing his bike overall. Since he’s trading this X1R, he finally decides to give it a good last wash. Equipped with diesel, sponges, soap, polish we went to wash at a multipurpose near my place. It was a […]

His Unplanned Purchase

We had so much planned for the day but it all changed the moment we left the carpark. Hisham: Motor I byk nak kena tukar. Nak kena tukar tyres, chain, suspension, seat, box.. He listed too many for me to remember Me: Wah byknye. Kalau you beli motor baru da tak fikir ni semua. Hisham: […]