His Unplanned Purchase

We had so much planned for the day but it all changed the moment we left the carpark.

Hisham: Motor I byk nak kena tukar. Nak kena tukar tyres, chain, suspension, seat, box.. He listed too many for me to remember

Me: Wah byknye. Kalau you beli motor baru da tak fikir ni semua.

Hisham: Ah tulah. You rasa ok tak I beli baru?

Me: Motor apa?

Hisham: Motor GTS tu.

Me: I ok. Tapi yg penting you. You have to think financially and the maintenance too.

Hisham: I ok. U ok?

Me: I ok.

Hisham: Ok, kite gi Toh Guan kedai Heng.

Me: Now?!?

Hisham: Yup!

Actually he’s been thinking of changing a new bike for the past 6months, but never did because I told him it’s better to cut down on new loans given to our situation. And after 3yrs with 3 accidents, the bike surrendered. I guess there’s no way out but to trade for another.


So we rode to Heng and signed the deal. They say we’ll get the bike next Tuesday. Yay!


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