Pants are a bitch

The thing about pants and me, I can hardly find decent pair. They are always too baggy on the crotch area or the legs. I can never go for pants which has side pockets. It seriously makes me look uber fugly!

And to make matters worse, the store that I used to rave at bugis about was closed on 2 seperate days that I went. I guess it’s on a mission to ask me to go for treasure hunt!

Like finding needle in the haystack, I went in about 5 odd stores, tried about 2 dozen pants (in which I resorted to black jeans instead). And then I finally found about 4pairs of pants at MANGO! PHEW~ after almost giving up, I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back Hisham a big thanks for pushing me to hunt further down.

For what it was worth, I tried to have fun. Tried to.



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